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Submit an Auto Repossession Workorder

The following form is provided for your convenience in submitting repossession orders to All Star Recovery LLC.

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From time to time, All Star Recovery may want to contact you regarding company or industry news. By checking "Yes" in the Email Opt-In field, this gives us permission to occasionally send you emails not related to your specific workorders. If you prefer not to be contacted by us regarding miscellaneous information, please check "No" in the Email Opt-In field. Be assured that All Star Recovery will not share your information with third-parties. Our business relationship and your privacy are very important to us.
Please Read: Upon submitting this form, as the LEGAL OWNERS of the above described property, the lienholder authorizes All Star Recovery LLC to act as the lienholder's agent and seize the property described above on sight without notice, and hold said property subject to the lienholder's orders.